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Educational toys and games not only promote developmental skills in children. Playing can greatly improve self-confidence of a child by allowing him to assert him or herself. Activities such as singing, performing, and acting in front of an audience all help children assert themselves both in the planning stage and during an actual performance

The more time a child spends exploring all the different things a toy can become, the more developed the child’s powers of imagination will be. This fosters an open-mindedness to new possibilities that will help the child think of creative and innovative solutions to any challenges he or she ends up facing as an adult.

Allowing children to direct their own play helps them to be more self-sufficient and resilient. In particular, certain educational toys foster skills such as problem solving, taking charge of a situation, and leadership. One aspect of being independent is being able to solve a problem on your own. Working with a construction toy system allows a child to explore different solutions to the challenge of building various items. Logical challenges faced on your own, such as figuring out how to use a set of pattern blocks to replicate certain complicated patterns, also build problem-solving skills.

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